ATTENTION: The joint project of RUSLAN Translations Inc. and called KudoZ is designed to help you translate difficult terms or expressions on-line. See the KudoZ request form below.

The name RUSLAN is an abbreviation, from the English "RUSsian LANguage".

In Russian, Ruslan is also the name of the valiant hero of an old Russian folk story (as in Alexander S. Pushkin's Ruslan and Ludmila)

Aside from the Russian language, RUSLAN Translations Inc. offers translation services from and into Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. As part of a global translators' network, we can also refer you to a reputable free-lance translator working with just about any language pair out there and, if required, we will handle the proofreading, camera-ready design and payments.

The company's founder is a translator and interpreter who has worked in this field for over 20 years, and has extensive knowledge and expertise in many varied subject areas.

The people working with us live all over the globe. We employ professionals with degrees and practical experience in their respective fields, always translating into their native language.

If your business (especially business in or with Russia) requires a reliable partner equipped to handle any project, professionally, quickly and at reasonable cost, consider RUSLAN Translations.



Yuri prides himself on being able to take on challenging translation projects, and for a translation agency such as TranslateMedia, this is a highly sought after quality. When we are presented with an unusually complicated Russian legal translation project, Yuri is always one of the first translators we get in touch with. He is an exceptional translator who is capable of taking care of revisals promptly and with a professional approach. Highly recommended by all at TranslateMedia.

Yuri obviously has a very broad general knowledge, but his specialties lie in legal and corporate communications translations, which stand him in good stead as a specialist translator in these areas. He is also very thorough and conscientious in his work, making extra effort to ensure delivery of the highest quality end-product. Everybody that has worked with Yuri at Globus Fremdsprachen has taken great pleasure in collaborating with him and would urge others to make use of his quality translation service.

The very conscientious approach that he has always displayed in his translation projects have made our collaborations simple and quick. We consider Yuri to be a valuable translator due to his expertise, quality and reliability. Our company, Language Made Simple, will undoubtedly continue to cooperate with him!

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